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Inside Your Copy of Quirk!

  • ​13 Characters (39 total), 7 Tactic Cards,
    3 Defence Cards and 7 Skip Cards.
  • 56 cards of hilarious fun!
  • Easy to pick up and play.
  • Family friendly.
  • 2 to 6 players.
  • 15 - 30 minutes game play.

Embrace Your Quirks!

Show your friends you are quirkier than most in our fast paced, easy to play party game, Quirk!

Win character cards from your opponents with bizarre actions and sounds, tactically steal quirks to change the odds of winning or merely distract others to give yourself even more chances to win.

Ridiculously hilarious ice breaker, seriously competitive and light hearted fun.

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This is a Quirk!

Use Tactic, Defence and Skip Cards to change the odds of the game!

See what others are saying about Quirk!...

Omg, I'm a Quirk! addict! At least twice a day we are playing! I suck and never win but we are a Quirk! Family!!

Jenni Hudson

Quirk! is a really fun and trolling game. It is amazing and I don't think there is a game better. It is a 10/10.

Age 10

Quirk! uses the cunning device of mutual humiliation to break the ice... and it works! It's endlessly amusing to look someone, whose quirks you callously wish to steal in the eye and trumpet like an elephant...

Nick Parton

The family couldn't wait to give it a try, so we played a 4 player followed by a 6 player with kids ages from 8-13 as well as us 2 adults. The whole family loved the game and we had so much fun doing the actions and sounds. Turns out my eldest son does a mean catwalk! This will definitely be a game we will come back to again and again!

Paul Taylor

Lots of fun, appeals to kids and doubles as a drinking game for adults. Addictive!

Dave Gabrell 

Quirk! is a really fun new game! Great for adults and kids. Truly a laugh a minute game!

Revkahdel Games

It's a really fun game and the best bit is disappointing your dad, when you steal his Quirks!

Age 10                 

Just played through twice!!! Really fun game, my daughter loved it! (Even talking about playing against her friends at a school club!!)

Christopher Sparks

Quirk! is awesome. Easy to learn. Highly addictive. This is an excellent way to amuse family and friends of all ages. Once you play it, you won’t put it down!

Susan Turner

Quirk! is a raucous, hilarious and easy to play game for anyone who loves to bring out the silly side in everyone. Brilliant fun for friends and family.

Marcus Pullen 
Blue Donut Studios